Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on.....

Obviously, this should have been posted yesterday, however, I was busy welcoming this angel into the world!
6lbs 11oz of pure joy!
Nora Rose!

This mom is kick butt during contractions!
Sophie the Giraffe made a comeback this week. Little man worked hard cutting his top two teeth aaaaaaaaand a MOLAR! Yep, my 9 month old now has a molar. It would be nice if frozen wash cloths and mesh feeders would soothe his teething woes, but Blaze only likes Sophie, well, and Hyland's teething tablets. Maybe he won't get anymore teeth for a while.
Yes, we have two!


Without fear of the future....
During my time with the Word this week, I have been drawn to this scripture and all it requires. For years, I just dove into whatever new venture was before me, without fear of the future. To be honest, most of my early adulthood, I envied the future, looked forward to it, reveled in the beauty of it. Now, as a mother, the future contains so much completely out of my control. This babe in my arms is swiftly growing into an independent boy, to soon become a young man. He will form his own opinions and make his own choices - good or bad, I will only be able to share my thoughts with him, I won't have the final say. THAT SCARES ME.

I want Blaze to live a life dedicated to God.
I want his future to be filled with success, joy, health, and good character.

Yet, I really don't get much say in the matter.
This week, I have been trying to come to terms with that and still laugh without fear of the future.

Our third anniversary is soon approaching. We found a cabin and are going to spend some wonderful time in the woods with some of our dearest friends (and previous pastors). I have not looked forward to a vacation this much in a long time. Blaze is old enough now that he actually enjoys certain things too. There is this wonderful Thai Food restaurant in the area we are staying, and I am sincerely hoping my dear husband takes me there for our anniversary dinner! The owner is from Thailand and her food is outrageously delicious! Only 33 days and we are off to celebrate!
Moments before we left for our very first anniversary trip; we still looked like newlyweds!
Party planning has begun (can you sense I am a planner?)! Blaze will be ONE in less than 3 months! Be still my heart! I keep wavering between a super simple family and closest friends only event or a big bash with all his baby buddies included too. We don't have a very big budget since his birthday falls in our "Crazy Holiday" season - from November to February it feels like we have a major holiday/celebration every week. In chronological order: our anniversary, our nephew's birthday, Thanksgiving, my mother-in-love's birthday, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year's, Blaze's birthdays, my birthday, and Valentine's Day!

So far, the plan is to do a circus themed party. I found some adorable ideas on various sites and I already purchased a custom made diaper for his big day! My next hurdle is planning the cake sweet treat that will hold birthday candles. We don't plan on giving him any refined sugar or any grains until around two years old.....maybe I can create a fresh fruit tart?
Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!
We are headed to Burt's Farm tomorrow with my parents and I am really looking forward to starting a Fall family tradition!

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