Friday, October 4, 2013

Five On Friday!

Do you meal plan? Well, I do! Gearing up to make out the next two months' worth of plans. I usually only do a month at a time, but the next 8 weeks are so busy I figured I better get ahead. Our favorite family meal is white chicken enchiladas with homemade salsa and guacamole. Guacamole has a near holy status in our home (we eat it at least three times a week)!

My son will be 9 months this coming Monday. NINE MONTHS. As in, he will be as many months as I carried him in the womb. This makes me sad, excited, scared, and joyful all at once. Our lives are so beautifully full with our little man crawling, er, walking around! Every night we sit in the glider and I nurse Blaze while singing over him and praying for his future. As I hold onto his solid little body and caress his back, head, feet, I am in awe of the Creator. How does He trust me with such greatness? What do I really have to offer this babe? All I know is He gave me one of the most precious jewels on this Earth. Every day is precious, every moment an opportunity to enjoy God's gift to us! My favorite pictures of our Blaze are when he is in pajamas! So sweet.
Morning snuggles.
As of Monday we are three-fourths of the way to breastfeeding for ONE YEAR!!! I knew from the beginning I planned to nurse Blaze for at least a year. Now that we are in it, that goal has shifted to at least two years. I cannot describe the beauty of our relationship. It took quite a bit of time and effort at the very beginning, but once we figured it all out, it has been one of my favorite parts of motherhood. There is nothing like looking at your sweet chunk, his little rolls, and bright, healthy eyes knowing you nourished it all with your own body! 

And of course, nursing brings on this as well:

Dances, human videos, monologues, solos, casting, scripts, and schedules, oh my! I kind of volunteered to head up our church's annual Christmas production. This includes writing the script, choreographing 4 dances and a human video, creating the power points, designing the set, and a lot of other things I cannot even fathom right now! Here is to hoping I can pull it off with excellence.

Our third wedding anniversary is swiftly approaching. My husband has requested three days of work. We don;t have much of a budget, but would really love to go somewhere this year, since last year I was only 7 weeks from my due date and we only went out to eat. We are not exactly sure what we want to do. Camp? A cabin? November 20th is perfect weather for camping, we just aren't too sure about taking a 10 month old camping!

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