Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cloth Diaper Revisions

Back in March I shared my thoughts on cloth diapering....Blaze has grown quite a bit since then. and our cloth diapering routine has changed some. I get questions from friends on facebook at least once a week about various cloth diaper related issues, so I figured an update is warranted.


Yep, we ditched the pocket diapers.

Pocket diapers are wonderful the first couple months when your little person only pees a couple ounces every few hours. Then, your little person gets a bladder the size of a grown man (don't ask me how it fits in their body, I have proof it is there in every diaper I change) and can pee through a double stuffed pocket onto you and the couch immediately after you changed the last soaked diaper. No. Fun.

Another thing about pockets: they seem to breed yeast. I have talked to several mamas that agree their microfiber inserts seemed to keep yeast coming. If any of you have had a little one with a yeast diaper rash you know how challenging it can be to get rid of. We went through two prescription creams with no success. I will share the natural remedies that did work in a future post.

So, if not pockets, what works?
Every family is different, so take this with a grain of salt. I am sharing our personal experience, but I realize cloth diapering is not a one-type-of-diaper-works-for-all situation.

I like to think of our routine in two sections: Daytime and Nighttime.

Our fitted, flats, and hybrids.
At home I have Blaze wear flats most of the time. I leave him coverless so his skin can breathe. We have three different brands of flats. I have some osocozy flats that are the thinnest and least absorbent diaper we use. They are fine for around the house when I am able to change him immediately. I purchased some used bamboo/hemp blend jersey flats from a mom who makes them herself. They are stretchy and wonderful all around. I have 9 of them and we use them a lot. Bamboo/hemp blends are very absorbent even though the material is pretty thin. My favorite flat is an Orange Diaper Company bamboo terry loop toddler square. These guys are the real deal. Organic, cushy, absorbent! So cute on the bum. I only have three I purchased from a mom that never used them. They run $14 each if you buy them from OCD, I got mine for $8 each!

If we are running errands or going to visit someone for a couple hours, I like to use a hybrid fitted diaper. These diapers are usually made by WAHMs and are still breathable for babies skin because their is no PUL in the diaper at all. They are not entirely waterproof, but they have an added material (usually fleece) hidden in between the inside and outside layers to repel the moisture back into the core of the diaper. I can keep Blaze dry in these for about 2-3 hours at a time.

If we plan on going out for an extended period of time, or I know that other people will hold Blaze a lot, I use a fitted or a flat with a PUL cover over it. I am his mommy and it does not bother me much if he is a little damp and I touch it, but most people are kind of grossed out if you hand them a baby with a diaper that is damp to the touch!

Wool is bulletproof. I mean it. I do believe wool works for all babies (unless they are allergic to it), you just have to figure out what works best for your baby underneath it! Before we switched to wool, Blaze was wetting me and the bed every night. We tried disposables, he wet through them as well. Apparently, night nursing keeps him quite hydrated. I tried getting up in the middle of the night to change him, but he is bone dry until sometime between 4 and 6am when he seems to empty his entire bladder all at once!

Our wool and our covers.
After much trial and error, I found his perfect combination! I take a hemp double and a bamboo soaker and lay them inside a hybrid fitted. Then I cover his fluffy little bum with wool longies or shorties. If I am out of soakers, I fold a bamboo flat diaper bag style and put it on him under the hybrid. He has not wet through this system yet!

We still use our homemade detergent and have had no stink or ammonia issues whatsoever.
The recipe is:
2 boxes each of -
Arm and Hammer Washing Powder
Baking Soda

Mix well.
For cloth diapers do not add any scent, but if you want to make a batch for your regular laundry, adding 20-40 drops of your favorite essential oil makes it pretty wonderful.

We quit using dryer sheets a couple years back. We use wool dryer balls. They cut our drying time by 20-30 minutes as well as reduce static.

I often pick up Blaze's diapers used. I purchase off various sites and have even befriended a couple of the mamas and learned quite a bit from them. Buying used saves between 50 and 95% on cloth diapers. A fitted or hybrid can cost $25-50 brand new; used is the way to go! We strip our used diapers with boiling water, vinegar and lots of hot washes.

Here are some resources for those of you interested:
Brands of fitteds/hybrids I like:
Bagshot Row Bamboo
Good Mama
Little Fancy Pants
Snuggly Baby

Brands of wool I like:
The Raspberry Patch Boutique
So Simple Natural

Brands of covers I like:
Blueberry Capri

Do you cloth diaper? What are your favorites brands/types/styles? Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask me and I will try to help troubleshoot.


  1. Where do you get your wool dryer balls? I don't want to spend a fortune ;) I am so excited about my hybrids!!

  2. I LOVE my Chunky Monkey Products Ai2s, and my Crunchy Love Co. hybrids with a Just for You by Julie fleece cover. I have a Bagshot Row Bamboo hybrid, but it lasts one pee for my guy. :(

    I also use wool dryer balls, that I made myself, and they are awesome!!!!

    1. I will definitely check out the brands you listed! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I bought mine 2 years ago and cannot remember who from. Malina, at The Raspberry Patch Boutique sells them. They tend to run about $15-20 for 3. 6 is what you need to get the best results. They last about 10 years.