Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Feed That Boy!

"He wants some biscuits...and gravy."
No. He doesn't.

"Awww, come on! Give him something to eat!"
He just ate, thanks. Breast milk is food.

"You don't feed him anything?"
Yes, he eats all the time!

"He is hungry; look at how big he is."
Exactly. Look at how BIG he is on just breast milk.

"He needs more to eat than just milk."
Your name again? Dr.......

And my favorite...

"At least give him a drink...some sweet tea? Coke? Something."
Sweet tea and coke have got to be super great for an infant. Caffeine. HFCS. Yeah. Awesome.

Clearly, Exclusive Breastfeeding is synonymous with starvation! Seriously though, the above comments are not few and far in between. Anywhere I take Blaze, people are shocked that I have not fed him cereal or given him juice! If I were not a stubborn, determined, and well read momma, Blaze would be in his high chair with a sippy cup full of sweet tea and a pile of french fries.

Even our pediatrician brought up solids at Blaze's four month appointment! Four months folks....please read the links below before blindly doing whatever your doctor advises. Doctors are people too. Fallible, only sharing what they have been told. I, for one, don't just do whatever the doctor tells me! I educate myself. We have libraries and the internet my friends....use them!

First of all, breast milk is food! The most complete food you can give your baby!
Blaze is exclusively breastfed. This means he eats NOTHING else right now - no cereal, no animal milk, nothing.

Why EBF?

There are several good reasons, but the one that I am most convinced by is his health. Babies are born with microscopic holes in their gut (often referred to as the open or virgin gut). Breast milk is the only food designed to assist the baby's gut in sealing and does not leak into the blood stream of the infant. When foods other than breast milk are introduced too early (sadly, this applies even to formula), parts of these foods enter the baby's system and are attacked by the baby's system as an invader. This causes FOOD ALLERGIES!

I know, I know, what about the women who just CAN'T  breastfeed?
Well, I realize some will disagree with this, but it is medically confirmed that less than 2% of women truly cannot produce milk due to a medical problem. Then why do so many women say they cannot produce milk?

Well, there are lots of reasons.

Lack of education.
Lack of support.
Lack of desire.

Here is the thing, milk takes more than a New York minute to come in. I remember those first five days. Blaze had a beautiful latch and ate just fine at the hospital and when I brought him home. Yet, I could tell that  he was not drinking "milk". Thick, golden drops dribbled into his mouth. Colostrum, and it isn't much at all. Many people think this is not enough. I even had a couple people try to convince me to give Blaze supplements until my milk came! This could harm milk supply. His suckling is what stimulates the mature milk to come in. Mine showed up around the 5th day, and I had an abundance of milk by 7 days postpartum.

This can be scary. Actually, it made me quite anxious. Blaze was constantly at the breast those first few weeks, and I was wrought with concern that it meant he was not getting enough to eat. So I read. I called an ICBLC. Caring for our babies is one of the most important things we will ever do in our lifetime. Don't take it lightly. Don't just follow trends. Don't just do whatever you are told. Learn. Research. Ask. Read. Give 100% to finding out what is BEST for your child; BEST not just okay.

Some great places to educate yourself on EBF:

Several of you have messaged me requesting insight on EBF, delaying solids, baby led weaning, and Blaze's breast feeding journey. The next few posts will be dedicated to these topics.

As always, thanks so much for reading. I enjoy sharing knowledge so much and it encourages me that so many of you read the blog and glean from it. Don't hesitate to comment here or on Facebook.


  1. I could have wrote this myself. I to had to tell my pediatrician today that I won't feed solids till 6 months and even then I won't give them unless he shows signs of readiness.

    1. So glad other women are advocating for themselves and their babies...if we don't, who will?