Saturday, March 16, 2013

An Extra Load of Laundry Every Third Day

Okay, so as most of you already know, I am pretty much addicted to cloth diapering. I remember researching cloth diapers even before I got pregnant; then, once pregnant, spending hours searching every blog and website on cloth diapering that I could find. It was not hard to make the decision - anytime I find something my family needs that has a healthier and less expensive alternative, I figure it is worth its weight in gold. Several friends have recently asked me how cloth diapering is going for us, what types of wipes we use, how we launder our diapers, and on and on. I will comment on these and other cloth diapering pros and cons in my next couple of posts.

Let's begin at the beginning. What type of cloth diapers do I use? After much research and upon the recommendations of two friends, I went with these diapers. They are fairly inexpensive compared to other brands (I paid $6.00 per diaper, and each came with 2 inserts). You can look here to get an idea of how expensive many name brand cloth diapers are (ranging from $7-$25 per diaper). Some people take ethical issue with these being made in China, but this particular company is run by a lady who cloth diapers her own children and not a mass producing, low paying, sweat shop set up.

It did take a solid month for me to receive these beauties from China; I am pretty sure diapers made in the good old USA would arrive a bit faster. Tracking them proved confusing as well. Even though Sun Baby sent me a tracking number right away, I could not track much until they arrived in the States, and it was all a day or two behind....made me appreciate our system a little more!
My best friend, Blaze's godmother, gifted us 12 extra diapers for our stash.
My favorite thing about these diapers kind of happened by accident. When I purchased them I did not have a good understanding of the various types of diapers. These are called pocket diapers which I now know means the insert slips inside a pocket in the cover. The downside (in my opinion) to this type of diaper is that it means you have to wash the entire thing every time you change the baby - and how is that economical? So, I use the inserts outside of the pocket. All I do is lay the soft, bamboo blend insert inside of the diaper and snap it closed. Voila! Now the diaper cover lasts for multiple changes...sometimes an entire 24 hours! We only have to switch out the insert and snap the diaper back together.

Another wonderful component of many cloth diapers is they now make them in "one size", meaning they have various sizing options on one diaper. Our Sunbaby diapers are made to fit Blaze until he is 35lbs. He was 10lbs 4oz at birth and we began using them on the smallest setting when he was 10 days old (just after his circumcision site fully healed). They fit him quite well and we have had very few leak issues.

Now, I have heard soon-to-be mommas site extra laundry as a huge draw back and aversion to cloth diapering. What if I told you I only do ONE extra load of laundry every third day? Essentially, I do two extra loads a week in order to keep our diapers clean and in stock! In my next post I will share how I make my own cloth diaper/baby and mommy clothing detergent for about $20 a year, what type of wipes I didn't buy, and more!

One last note on health related to use of disposable diapers. The initial article I used above mentions dioxins in disposable diapers. The following article discusses the problems cause with a rise in male infant scrotal temperatures when in disposables. This is definitely a concern for moms of male babies.

Food for thought: Up until the early to mid 1980s, all babies were cloth diapered. Why the switch? Convenience? At whose expense?

Please feel free to post questions and I will make every effort to address them in future posts.


  1. good post! I just got the rest of my inserts yesterday.... now I just have to find time to prep them! Not sure if it's just me, but you mention referencing articles/links, but I never see the links... :(

    1. The links are live links highlighted as a word. In this post, the links are the highlighted words: healthier, less expensive, these, and article. It is better to post links this way on a blog. Neater and less complicated for readers to view.